I help WOMEN JUST LIKE YOU peel back the heavy layers of their past that no longer serve them so their MIND, HEART AND SOUL CAN BE SET FREE.

Start your journey to freedom today

Download the FREE 7 steps to ease emotional overwhelm eBook and take the first steps towards more ease and emotional freedom

Start your journey to freedom today

Download the FREE 7 steps to ease emotional overwhelm eBook and take the first steps towards more ease and emotional freedom’

So many women are walking around disconnected from their internal experience. Women have shut down. We have shut down our wisdom, our body, our voice, our intuition. The unresolved stories of our past continue to repeat in the present, keeping us disconnected from our deepest, wisest, heartful selves.

Our bodies hold and tell the stories of the past. Our tensions, fears and unresolved stress and trauma will show up as constriction, stuckness, anxiety, depression, loss of meaning and purpose. The trapped energy of our life force remains buried within, dimming the light that we are.

Imagine how life would be if you were no longer held back by unresolved issues of the past. How would you feel if you could reclaim those lost and frozen parts of yourself? What if you had access to your deepest potential?

Through gentle somatic psychotherapy, trauma therapy, mentoring and sacred women’s practices, you can learn to listen to the language of your body and release bound patterns of constriction. You can heal old layers of hurt, fear and beliefs that hold you back. You can begin to recover the lost and ‘frozen in time’ parts of yourself. Rescue those parts that have become orphaned along the way.

It’s time to reclaim your authenticity, life energy, deep wisdom, spontaneity, heart, intuition and voice!

You can come to know yourself again as a wholehearted embodied being. This is your greatest return, returning home to your deepest and most authentic self.



Your past does not have to define your future

I offer you over a decade of experience, skills and expertise in counselling, psychotherapy, nervous system healing, and somatic practices to give you the support, nurturing and safe space you need to rewire old patterns, release the pain of your past and awaken your potential. Session care available over the phone, in person (in the Bundaberg region) or virtually.

Here’s what you can expect working with me

We will go on a deep, powerful journey of transformation that will create change in your life

Meaningful transformations are never achieved through quick fixes and band aid solutions.

Instead we will work through peeling back the layers that no longer serve you carefully, gently and patiently, to create real transformations in the way you feel.

Feel truly seen, heard and met in a way your soul is aching for

When you’re struggling with stress and trauma it can feel incredibly isolating and lonely. You feel like no one else can understand what you’re going through. I will meet you with acceptance, deep empathy and compassion for whatever you have been through, and will hold your vulnerability with tenderness and care.

You’ll learn about how your body, heart and mind work

One of the most challenging parts of dealing with unresolved stress and trauma is not understanding why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling and what triggers you.

When you work with me you’ll learn your own stress response activation and deactivation cues. This way you are more empowered to take control of your life.

Why I do what I do

My life’s mission is to support women to transform their pain, resolve their stress and trauma and reconnect them to their body’s wisdom. I believe all women have the innate potential inside them to feel empowered and free.

It is meaningful for me to follow my own sacred calling as a therapist as in my early adult years I experienced some dark and diffult times and used the support of a therapist to help me through. It’s through my own therapeutic journey I have become committed to my own inner work.

Start your Journey to freedom today

Download the FREE 7 Steps to heal emotional overwhelm eBook and take the first steps towards more ease and emotional freedom

Therapy with Carissa has allowed me to walk in the full magnificence of who I AM. When I first walked into her room living was too hard; too painful and too dark. I was truly in the depths of despair with no idea of what to do or how to be. Through fortnightly sessions, I worked through various issues; what I originally thought were the issues turned out to be pointers to even deeper issues. I was provided with exercises, tools and strategies. Most importantly I was given SPACE to BE and treated with compassion and empathy.


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