The Somatic Awakening Method™


The Somatic Awakening Method™ is a body-centered, relational psychotherapy, based in ancient wisdom, nervous system healing, sacred practices and embodiment arts.

I have always been fascinated with the mind/body connection and the power of our body as our biggest resource for healing and awakening. There is a transformation that takes place when women reconnect to their body wisdom after so long of disconnection and numbness.

The Somatic Awakening Method™ is founded on a holistic model of therapy that I have fused together to help women who want to awaken to their own inner wisdom and transition from trauma to triumph.

The Somatic Awakening Method™ combines the power of Gestalt Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Mindfulness, Family constellations and Embodiment Arts for deeper healing.

This method also integrates brain science, attachment methods and sacred practices. The Somatic Awakening Method™offers you the safe, sacred space necessary that allows you the freedom to heal.

What does it mean to wake the body up?
And how does this help how I feel?

Somatic literally means “relating to the body, as distinct to the mind”. As a therapist trained in body based methods, I know that emotions and trauma live in the body—not the mind.

By waking up your body, you’ll be able to consciously craft your new reality and eliminate physical, emotional and spiritual pain.
How can the Somatic Awakening Method™ help?

Imagine what it would feel like to live your life authentically… and to awaken inside you:

  • Greater personal and emotional awareness.
  • Increased feelings of self worth and confidence.
  • The ability to tune into self compassion and self kindness.
  • A deeper connection with yourself and others.
  • Healthier relationships.
  • Higher emotional resilience.
  • Greater feelings of calm, peace and relaxation.
  • Healthier boundaries.
  • Freedom from the past.
  • Improved ability to express yourself.
  • Clear direction and purpose.
  • MUCH deeper connection to the power in your body and your own inner truth.

Your healing and awakening is waiting for you.

The Somatic Awakening Method™is my body of work, based on over 15 years experience of working and studying in the following healing arts.

Gestalt Psychotherapy

Gestalt’s strong emphasis in the transformative and healing power of relationship. Because it is through the relationship with the caring and trusted other (the therapist) that you’ll have the opportunity to heal the relational wounds caused either from childhood or later in life.

Gestalt Therapy is a special kind of therapeutic and healing relationship between you and me (the therapist) that supports you to heal through awareness, compassion, empathy, connection, support and presence.

Together we will work on building awareness and experiment with different ways of being in the world. In gestalt therapy there’s an empowering emphasis on the client-therapist relationship.

I hold a 4 year Masters degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy.

Somatic Experiencing

Somatic experiencing teaches you to befriend the sensations of your body, and to find a place of more goodness and ease within you. Somatic experiencing helps you develop a sacred container for emotions to arise and builds resilience in the nervous system, which in turn affects how you feel about yourself.

This body-based method helps you heal physical, emotional and psychological shock, stress and trauma. It works directly with the autonomic nervous system to discharge stress and trauma and balance and restore equilibrium.

Its power lies in enabling you to let go of the past and restore your body and mind to an empowered sense of relaxed wholeness: and experiencing a deep knowledge and conviction that everything’s OK.

Somatic experiencing also includes gentle touch when appropriate and with consent, to support the release of long held traumas from the body.

I am an accredited 3 years training somatic experiencing practitioner.


Mindfulness is the art and skill of coming back into presence. It helps you remember who you are, in the here and now. Mindfulness facilitates the connection with yourself and your environment.

You’ll learn the art of paying attention to yourself and others in a new way that is more non-judgmental, compassionate and tolerant. This is a life practice that supports you in enjoying our own life and fully experience life as it happens. Mindfulness is the key that supports reactivity to decrease and awareness to increase.

I’m a trained Mindfulness teacher and practitioner in the 8-week mindfulness program ‘Pathway to happiness, mindfulness for stress, depression and anxiety’.

Family Constellations

Family constellations is a powerful method to reveal underlying patterns in your life. We are all born into a matrix of family relationships extending back to our ancestors. Family constellations bring these pattern to light and interrupt them.

Epigenetics has proven that we pull traumas and issues from our ancestors through our DNA. Researchers have found that parents who have experienced a stressful or traumatic event would likely pass the pattern down not only to their children but to their grandchildren as well.

Understanding family patterns helps us to understand our own life better.

Many people don’t know that present-day problems and difficulties are influenced by traumas suffered in previous generations of the family, even if those affected now are unaware of the original event in the past. I’m a trained family constellations practitioner.

Embodiment Arts

Embodiment arts is the practice of allowing ourselves to feel life as it is, through our senses. It takes what is conceptual into the felt sense of the body and restores the deep connection to our inner knowing.

Embodiment is the pathway to knowing ourselves. Its the practice of moving out of the thought centre and into our bodies’ wisdom and intelligence that resides inside all of us. We move from brain intelligence to gut-brain and heart intelligence.

For many of us, past experiences of stress, trauma or repeated life patterns take us away from these intelligences and disconnect us from our body, as we learnt that is wasn’t safe to stay.

Through the Embodiment arts we learn to come back home to ourselves and restore the inner safety the body/mind is seeking.  These practices help to rewire old patterns and move out of numbness and disconnection to restore the aliveness that is available to each and everyone of us.

Embodiment practices help you wake up to the fullness of who you are and to Embody yourself authentically in the world.

The Somatic Awakening method intergrates many elements from the Embodiment arts including Qoya dancing, Soul motion movement method,  Feminine embodiment practices, sacred temple practices and body based meditation methods.

“Before you can hear, much less follow, the voice of your soul, you have to win back your body. You have to go on a pilgrimage beneath the skin.” Megan Watterson