A day retreat for exhausted, conscious women who are
longing for connection with self and others, and who crave
deep soul nourishment!

PAUSE. I want you to take a moment to think about YOU. 
This moment could be the most important gift you offer
yourSELF this year.

Is this you?

You’re constantly running from A to B, on to C…
You’re pleasing everyone but yourself to make sure their needs are taken care of. You love making people happy but in the debts of your soul there’s an itch—and that itch is getting larger each day because you’re desperate for a break from it all.
You’re physically, emotionally and spiritually EXHAUSTED…
Everyone demands your attention, from dawn till dusk you’re on the go, go, go. It never stops. And you crave time alone. A sacred space for YOU to be, to think, to nourish and connect with yourself.
You’re desperate to escape the constant chaos…
You dream about having an oasis of calm and peace where you can escape the daily drudgery to recharge your batteries.
Well friend, you’re about to make your dreams come true when you join us for the She Dreams Day Retreat.

What is this retreat about?

The She Dreams Day Retreat has been create for women like you
who want time out to reflect on your life and to learn about
powerful, yet simple tools and strategies you can use to go from
constant chaos to calm in the space of a heartbeat.

Everything begins with a dream in your heart.

The She Dreams Day Retreat helps you to:

  • Discover, embody and expand your qualities as a woman while learning the building blocks of heartful living.
  • Invite deeper listening and honouring yourself and your dreams.
  • Recognise what is stopping you from manifesting your heart’s dreams.
  • Get supported in your commitment to bring to life the dreams in your heart.
  • Be witnessed by other women and validated for your deep, sacred soul dreams. Bring them to life through music rituals and temple practices.
  • Find your ‘dreaming space’.

Come and dream at the altar of your heart.

Dream your life into being and release stress, exhaustion, pressure and the need to please others.
Together we’ll create a gorgeous soul space. A space for your to prosper and dream so that you can reconnect with yourself and other women.
You’ll learn to balance our dreaming with allowing. And hold our dreams with grace as life too unfolds.

What is the dreaming space?

It is the space deep in your heart where your longing lives. Dreaming and longing are essential features of living an aligned life. Longing is the momentum needed for our dreams to unfold and come into your conscience.
We will listen to the language of the dreams in your heart.
Imagination is essential for problem solving. Imagination is essential to bring our dreams to life.
Join me and a small group of like-minded women for this sacred journey into the depths of your heart-dreams.

Where, what, when?

The She Dreams Day Retreat starts at: 9.30 am – 5pm.

Cost: $145

Your retreat day pass Includes morning and afternoon tea, coffee
and herbal tea. Please bring a plate to share for lunch.

To assure you’re comfortable during the day please wear clothes
that are easy to move in