Sacred Embodiment
Soul Mentorship

Moving from Healing Work to Soul Work

You’ve leaned into the shadows, danced with the pain of your past and gently tended to the wounds of your heart inside the Sacred Embodiment Healing Mentorship, now what?

The work continues, only this time it’s much deeper, more nuanced
and with more self-compassion than ever before.

This June, you’re invited to journey with me through the next level of mentoring inside Sacred Embodiment Soul Mentorship.

This is where we explore new, creative and ever more tender ways to hold and heal ourselves as we discover our true ‘soul space’.

The Soul is resilient, tenacious and self-sufficient but just like any wild and free entity, it is also shy, tentative and instinctively seeking safety. If we are to deepen our healing journey, we must learn to be in gentle, loving and ongoing conversations with it.

Exclusively for those who have worked with me before, this is a self-led soul mentorship with me as your guide to witness and hold space for all the magic that will unfold.

We’ll journey together, remembering and learning to trust the deeper visions that emerge, creating new pathways to bring the wisdom of Soul back into the everyday world.

This is where we forge a deeper connection with Self and Soul.

Rather than a problem to be solved or an emotion to be managed…

 The Soul Mentorship shows us that the wounds of our hearts are actually just gateways to gently enter, explore and tend to Soul.

Our trauma work becomes our deep soul work as we find our inner resources and strengths and step into our true authenticity and unique and special gifts.

In the Soul Mentorship, we will delve into:

What it means to live from Soul
How does Soul communicate with us
How do we learn to listen to Soul
Deep imagery
Nature and Soul
Soul initiations and Soul ceremonies
Your unique Soulprint
Soul work vs healing work

How will this be different to the Healing Mentorship?

This is less about healing from trauma and more about connecting, deepening and embodying your true authentic self as we invite more silence to be able to hear the voice of the Soul.

In the safety of this sacred container and in individual sessions, you will be deeply supported to explore and embrace both your soul life and spiritual life with sacred tools and practices you can use at home or whenever you need to access your connection.

The Sacred Embodiment Healing mentorship taught us to view and revere our body as a living, breathing temple, now the Sacred Embodiment Soul Mentorship restores the connection with Soul to re-awaken the sacred within us.

A 3 month journey…

The Soul Mentorship will begin in April 2024, with the Land, Place and Belonging Soul Retreat being at Winter Solstice in June. The journey will come to completion in July.

3 hour Opening Soul Circle will be held April 14th 4-7pm

4 x 60 minute monthly Temple Sessions

The Soul Mentorship sessions will be held in the Temple (the Yurt on Tara Labyrinth)

Land, Place and Belonging Soul Retreat will be held at Maleny, Sunshine Coast Hinterland from June 7th, 8th and 9th (venue to be confirmed).

3 hour Closing Soul Circle to be held July 13th 6-9pm

About the Land, Place and Belonging – Soul Mentorship Retreat:

A chance to step away from our hectic schedules and come together to slow down and explore our connection with Soul through the natural world. Over 3 magical days, we’ll wander the land, taking rest when we need it and allowing a deep and rich inner world to come alive. We’ll sit in circle, sharing stories, poems and feminine wisdom. Most of all, we will trust the great mystery to guide us in this few days.

Special guest practitioners will be joining us to add to the magic but I can tell you an incredible bodyworker will be there to offer sessions.

Your Investment

What’s Included:

3 day retreat, all meals and resources, soul gifts – from 7th to 9th June.

4 x 60 minute Soul sessions in the Temple

3 hour opening Soul Circle – April 14th 4-7pm

3 hour closing Soul Circle – July 13th 6-pm

Early Bird

One time payment of $2495
(ends 1st March, 2024)

Pay In Full

One time payment of $2749
(begins 2nd March, 2024)

Payment Plan

4 x monthly
payments of $700

Why I created Soul Mentorship

Having stepped through the doorway of deep trauma, and regulating the nervous system in our healing work, we now discover there is an opportunity to connect to something deeper, more vibrant and more alive than we have ever known.

Stirring in the shadows, dark crevices and deepest hidden places within us, the trauma we have endured has paved the way for the soul to reveal itself.

Living a soulful life starts with building a relationship with our soul. I created this program to teach women how to live and lead from the soul.

We’ll be guided by something deeper, allowing ourselves to trust and follow the synchronicities around us, as we learn the language of the natural world.

Our soul practices are often very different from our trauma practices. Soul work and trauma work are different things. This is what we will be exploring.

“Nowhere can you find a more quieter or untroubled retreat than in your own soul”

– Marcus Aurelius.