Welcoming the Dark:
Winter Circle Series

“Starry nights, evening skies
Ocean winds, teary eyes
Women gather by the fires
To weave their magic,
The whole world sighs.”

Join us for a transformative journey through the depths of Winter.

In the quiet embrace of Winter, where the nights grow long and the days are short, we find ourselves drawn inward. It is a season that beckons us to listen deeply, to rest fully, and to cocoon ourselves in introspection. In these sacred moments of solitude, we discover the language of silence—a language we have often forgotten but one that speaks volumes to our souls.

Embracing the Silence:

In the gentle warmth of a Queensland winter, where the sun sets early and the evenings are cool, we find ourselves enveloped in a different kind of silence. Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there’s a peaceful stillness that permeates the air, inviting us to slow down and attune ourselves to the quiet rhythm of the season. In this tranquil oasis, amidst the rustling leaves and soft whispers of nature, we discover the profound power of silence to soothe our souls and awaken our senses.

It’s in these moments of serenity that we can truly connect with ourselves and the world around us, finding solace and inspiration in the simple beauty of the present moment.

Exploring the Depths:

In the quiet embrace of Winter, we delve into the depths of our being, confronting our fears, doubts, and uncertainties with courage and grace. Embracing the dark is not about succumbing to despair, but rather about finding light in the midst of darkness and uncovering the wisdom that lies beneath the surface.

Honoring the Seasons of Life:

Just as Winter follows Autumn and precedes Spring, so too do periods of darkness and struggle pave the way for moments of growth and renewal. By honoring the natural rhythms of life, we learn to trust in the cyclical nature of existence and find peace in the knowledge that light always follows darkness.

Cultivating Inner Stillness:

Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, Winter invites us to cultivate inner stillness and listen deeply to the whispers of our soul. In the silence of the season, we find solace, clarity, and a renewed sense of purpose as we reconnect with our deepest desires and aspirations.

Embracing the Shadow Self:

Embracing the dark is about acknowledging and integrating the shadow aspects of ourselves—the parts we often repress or deny. By embracing our darkness with compassion and understanding, we reclaim lost parts of ourselves and move towards greater wholeness and authenticity.

“Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom.”

Francis Bacon.

About the Circles:

Our Winter Circle Series consists of two enriching gatherings, each lasting three hours and held in the tranquil evenings of Winter. Together, we will embark on a journey of exploration, building upon each circle to delve deeper into the mysteries of the season.

What to Expect:

In our circles, we create a safe and nurturing space for women who are drawn to spiritual exploration and inner healing. Guided by the wisdom found in Katherine May’s acclaimed book, Winter, we embrace the concept of “wintering”—a time for reflection, recuperation, and slow replenishment.


Connecting with out heart, body and mind

Movement and breathwork

softening and opening our bodies through gentle movement and breathwork.


Balancing our energy and nervous system through touch.


Reflective wisdom practices and entering into our own Wintering


Restorative practices and deep body rest


Coming together in ritual inviting the our oldest knowing to come forward


Safely come into Silence


Develop our somatic intelligence and come back into our body

“Carissa has such a way of supporting each and every person present.

I usually find it hard to share my vulnerabilities with anyone, let alone a group of Women, but each time i did she validated our feelings so warmingly and with such educated preparedness. Thankyou Carissa”

– Circle Participant

Why Join Us:

If you yearn to invite grace into your life, to reconnect with the voice of your soul, and to commune with the sacred in the quietude of Winter, then these circles are meant for you.

Here, amidst the stillness, you will find solace, healing, and the gentle guidance of fellow travelers on the path of self-discovery.

Wintering Wisdom:

As Katherine May beautifully articulates, Winter is not just a season of withdrawal but also a time of metamorphosis and transformation. It is an individual ethical commitment—an opportunity to put our houses in order and emerge renewed, like the first blooms of spring.

Through our wintering experiences, we gain wisdom, and it becomes our responsibility to pass it on, creating a timeless exchange of gifts where no one loses out.

The Details

Embrace the magic of Winter and embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and renewal. Reserve your place in our Winter Circle Series today and step into the cocoon of transformation.

These beautiful 3.5-hour Winter Circles will take place in the evening over 3 dates in Winter.


Saturday June 1st, Saturday August 10th


Tara Labyrinth and Meditation Yurt at 15 Tara street, Innes park.


5.30pm – 9.00pm


Soup for Dinner


Each person will receive the Book “Wintering, the power of rest and renewal in difficult times by Katherine May”


Upfront 2 circles, book, resources and dinner $380

Pay In Full

1 payment of –

Payment Plan

2 part payment plan – 2 x $220

Optional Addon

Ocean Embodiment 2 hour session with Carissa. Outdoor nature session, combining the medicine of plants and the outdoors using nature and therapeutic touch fee to support your Wintering and Embodiment journey: $380