It’s time for you to…

  • Listen to yourself more deeply
  • Get in touch with and honour your body
  • Become more grounded
  • Invite more space to help settle and calm your mind
  • Rediscover the medicine of women’s circles

Right now you’re like

You’re confused about what it is you’re here to do, besides being a mother, a wife, a lover and a professional. You know that there’s more to living an awakened life than your current role in society and you’ve been searching for a sign… a way… a compass.

What you want is to…

  • Awaken to your true purpose so that you can feel more and live fulfilled in alignment with your highest wisdom.
  • Know who you (truly) are and what you actually want to be able to feel fully aligned and awakened.
  • Have clarity about your values and how they guide you in your decision making so that you can watch out for triggers.
  • Navigate your life with more ease and less anxiety and stress, which will bring a sense of flow to your day-to-day living.
  • Change your state of mind and tune in to more ease in your life.
  • Have access to the skills, tools and resources to make all of that your new reality.

Somatic Awakening Circle Series is a 6-Week

Live Intensive course for a small group of 12 women

that teaches you how to live an embodied life. As you learn to listen deeply to yourself you’ll open up a spaciousness that gives you the capacity to respond to your world.

In short, you’ll awaken your body to liberate your mind.

What you’ll experience during our time together…

  • Get ready for deep dive embodiment practices that help you to understand your deepest SELF.
  • Experience an awakening through the body and senses.
  • Reclaim the wisdom and the power of your body’s deep knowing.
  • Get answers and powerful insights to the pressing questions that have plagued you for so long.
  • Get to know yourself through the felt sense so that you can listen to and trust the deeper wisdom inside of you.
  • Explore your nervous system to understand your stress and how it causes traumatic responses.

The what, where and how

Unleash Your Awakening is a 6-Week Live Intensive course with weekly 2.5 hour sessions that are facilitated live in a small group environment. Each week we’ll cover a different module and deep dive into the practices that will help you unleash your awakening. You’ll feel like Sleeping Beauty, waking up to a life of possibilities and open up to the well of your own wisdom.

The 6 modules

Week #1: Coming Home

In week #1 we’ll deep dive into embodiment and the sources of disconnection in your life. You’ll learn powerful body scan practices that will allow you to tune in to your own wisdom with the help of feeling.
You’ll gain an innate sense of connection with your body and discover what it feels like to create new behaviours and thought patterns from a deeply embodied place..

Week #2: Wired to Survive & Thrive

In week #2 you’ll discover how you’re really wired to survive and thrive. This live intensive will teach you ways to manage stress through understanding your own physiology with basic body awareness practices.
We’ll explore the fight-flight-freeze survival responses that happen in our nervous system and how they contribute to mental unease. You’ll finish, confident that these tools, knowledge and newfound skills will prepare you to confidently deal with any situation from a position of empowerment.

Week #3: Breathe Into Freedom

In week #3 you’ll discover powerful breath practices that will allow you to feel more liberated and energised. You’ll learn to assess breathing dysfunction and how this affects your stress levels and energy.
By changing your breathing you change the relationship to stress.

Week #4: Zen Your Life

Week #4 teaches you all about somatic mindfulness and meditation. You’ll learn how to set up a space for meditation and make a commitment to your meditation practice, even if you’re crazy busy right now.
I’ll also teach you simple, basic mindfulness practices that fit into everyday life, so that you can continue to Zen your life as you focus on waking up the body and senses.
As a result, you’ll develop a deeper awareness of your own physiology, and acquire gentle practices to increase self-awareness.

Week #5: Move Your Body

Week #5 is all about movement. With the help of Qoya Dance practices you’ll explore freedom of movement in your body so that you can joyfully awaken the child within that loves to play, dance and celebrate life.
Prepare to laugh often, delight your senses in the sacred art of play and reconnect with your innate wisdom that knows.

Week #6: Your Awakened Compass

In this last week, we’ll wrap up the Unleash Your Awakening 6-Week Live Intensive course and bring everything we’ve learned together. This will be a night of practice, connection, laughter, love and creating your own home practice plan—your awakened compass.
You’ll finish the course with the skills, knowledge and tools to go after anything you want, with confidence, clarity and purpose.

Secure your spot in this life-changing, transformational experience and get ready to tune in and embody your sacred wisdom.

Your investment is just $497